Peaky Blinders Haircut

peaky blinders haircut


We really love everything about Peaky Blinders. The Peaky Blinders haircut especially. Along with the most incredible cast and awesome plot lines, this cult hard-hitting crime drama brings plenty of classic style inspiration for us blokes. Set in the backstreets of Birmingham in the aftermath of World War I, this great series features an array of cool 1920s gangster looks. Of course, while the classy outfits are undoubtedly awesome, there’s another thing we love a lot more: the iconic Peaky Blinders haircuts.
So, if you’re in need of a new cut, why not look to this Peaky Blinders Haircut page for inspiration? Here, we’ve rounded the most iconic looks from the show so that you too can get the world-famous Peaky Blinders haircut.

peaky blinders haircut

Where did the Peaky Blinders Haircut originate?

The Peaky Blinders haircut or “undercut” as we know it today, was first established over 100 years ago and is believed to have originally been noticed during the interwar era within the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Favoured by criminals, this edgy yet low maintenance style soon travelled to gangs across England. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t really want long hair in a street fight, would you?

100 years later, the Peaky Blinders take over our screens and inspire the nation with post-World War One haircuts and 1920’s fashion.

peaky blinders haircut tommy shelby

Tommy Shelby Haircut 

Tommy Shelby is played by world-class actor Cillian Murphy, Tommy Shelby is the boss and the crime lord with style. Although he often wears a hat, when he’s not rocking a classic and cool newsboy cap, his awesome haircut is shown on screen.
His style of cut, which looks just as awesome now as 100 years ago, is a short crop with very short shaved sides and back. The undercut type style does leave a little length at the back, but the top is still a lot longer. Up top, Tommy wears his hair textured with layers and a natural wave. His style is swept forwards and to the side, creating a short fringe.
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peaky blinders haircut john shelby

John Shelby Haircut

John Shelby’s haircut is similar in many ways to both his brothers Tom’s and Arthur’s. This Peaky Blinders haircut is a disconnected short back and sides with a cropped fringe. This one can go right down to the skin once freshly cut. Up top, his hair is straight but cropped quite a bit shorter than Tom and Arthurs. As such, the style appears very neat and tidy it also is very low-maintenance. So other words, it requires minimal styling, which makes it a very appealing option for many blokes today.

Of course, if you do choose this Peaky Blinders haircut, you will need to see your barber every few weeks. Grown-out messy hair on the sides and back of the head has no place for this sharp John Shelby cut.

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peaky blinders haircut arthur shelby

Arthur Shelby Haircut

Arthur Shelby, Like his brother Tom, who is played by the talented Paul Anderson, also rocks an iconic undercut. However, Arthur’s hair is shaved a lot shorter on the sides and back, making it a lot more contrasting with a striking style. Additionally, the two Shelby brothers also style the top of their hair in different directions. While Tom’s is swept toward the front, Arthur’s is slicked back, which is extremely easy and achievable thanks to his straight hair length. Overall, Arthur’s hairstyle appears very polished with a cool edgy attitude. So, it’s no wonder why the look has seen a serious trend in recent years amongst blokes.

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peaky blinders haircut Michael Gray

Michael Gray Haircut

In Peaky Blinders series, Michael Gray played by top English actor Finn Cole. Michael is the cousin of the Shelby siblings. But, unlike the other Shelby family members, Michael does not sport a Peaky Blinders undercut. Instead, Michael’s hair is cut and styled into a polished, traditional side part. The neat look features tidily trimmed sides that graduate into a longer length of hair on top.

This is one of the most formal Peaky Blinders haircuts, Michael’s classic look works best for modern gents who appreciate a cleaner conservative look.  It especially looks very dapper when paired with a smart casual outfit or suit. This cut can be worn in a more natural way if you don’t feel like reworking the style every day.

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Asking your barber for the Peaky Blinders Haircut

Considering how popular this haircut is, asking your barber for a specific Peaky Blinders haircut should be easier than ever, however, your decision process should start way before you get to the barbers.

First, you need to determine which Peaky Blinders style will be best suited to you. You may want to consider factors like your hair’s thickness, your hair type, face shape and head shape and things like whether you’re planning to enhance or get rid of any facial hair. Understanding some of these points will ultimately help you decide on which character’s haircut might be best to base your new haircut on.

Also, look at how short you want to go, some barbers will ask whether its a regular short back and sides (asking what number guard you want them to use) or whether you would prefer a skin fade (gradual blending from the skin at the bottom of the hairline and around the ears, through to hair on the top)

Keeping on top of a Peaky Blinders Haircut

Usually, the shorter you go the sharper you look. But do remember, whilst short haircuts look amazing in the beginning, it only takes a couple of weeks before it probably needs doing again, to keep you looking your best.

Not sure or haven’t got time to research, then your barber should be able to analyse and advise you on all of the points we mentioned whilst you’re sat in their barber chair.

Remember you’re supposed to trust your barber and the experienced ones will advise against haircuts if they don’t believe in them. Or at least double or triple check with you first that you’re definitely happy to proceed before they take any action with the clippers!